Ms. Karen (Clara Voyance)
Brand Strategist

Started writing soap operas at the age of six....Read almost all of the children's books at the branch library by the age of 13...Worked at my uncle's car repair shop during summers while in college..speaks almost fluent Spanglish...Loves old school cartoons (especially the Flintstones and Jetsons)...owns the complete series of the Flintstones...Worked in education, healthcare, government and business sectors


  • Trend Spotting (can see the future...some call it prophetic)
  • Brand Strategy (can assist with developing that "LOOK and FEEL")
  • Creative Direction (The ability to allow brain to wander to a lot of places and harness it for creative expression)
  • Social Media Mgmt. (Only chld so loves to chatter)
  • Content Creation (Still reads a lot of stuff for inspiration and ideas)
  • Social Advertising (Just enough analytical prowess to hit the right people)


  • Super focused when working on a project -- until completed
  • Hates when a plan doesn't come together